Cabily taxi dispatch software that is about to create histories

Cabily – taxi dispatch software that is about to create histories

The script can be customized according to the inputs and installed on the devices as per the subscription. It is as simple as that! The sleekest feature of Cabily is its automatic booking process – the riders can book taxis from the very elegant app which has been posing a threat to its fellow competitors since its release. The users will be connected through first come first service method which allows the drivers to offer rides to the riders. The drivers can also reject a ride request and they can either switch over to the next offer or go offline on app. The system flow is very easy, manageable and it does not require a mandatory professional training or a long instruction manual for its users, definitely not being sarcastic! What sets Cabily apart from the rest? Among several technology partners that have been clearly famous for white label apps, Cabily is easy and the most preferred because of its process. It works on a subscription method in which the app will be successfully installed on devices for a group of end users.

The end-to-end system handles immense fleet management capabilities and features. Our automated dispatch system includes,

  • Easy online access for the owner and dispatch consoles
  • An exclusive app for driver available on playstore and app store
  • An exclusive app for rider available on playstore and app store
  • Google map integration on app

With Google map integration, the users can experience a perfect, spot on GPS tracking of their taxis and also, very accurate auto search of addresses.

When the online transportation network service is on highest demand, there are new technology partners that are slowly emerging every day. To make it big in the taxi industry is not an overnight task, our team will provide the utmost efforts in bringing up the best system in the competitive environment. Some of Cabily’s critically acclaimed and commercial successful features include,

  • Wallet money feature
  • Tipping feature
  • Pay by cash feature
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Invite friends option
  • Push notifications for drivers and riders app
  • Different social media login
  • Emergency contact feature
  • Ride request with or w/o destination
  • Surge pricing feature
  • Favorite ride feature for the riders
  • Automatic bill generation for its users
  • Trip history feature
  • Promo codes
  • Call rider option
  • Accept or decline ride request for drivers
  • Phone number masking feature
  • Real time GPS tracking
  • Integrated system analytics
  • Caller identification feature
  • Pay by credit card option
  • Transaction history feature
  • Multi location access for its users
  • Capture signal online
  • Email notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • SMS authentication
  • Complaint management board for its users
  • Loyalty programs for riders and drivers
  • Mobile responsive website
  • Trace rider on app on real time basis
  • Instant chat between the users
  • Scan credit card option
  • Automatic mobile dispatching feature
  • SOS panic button to fetch local help
  • Star ratings for riders and drivers