Simple & Powerful Taxi Dispatch Software

  • ✓ End to End solution
  • ✓ Trusted by hundreds of Customers worldwide
  • ✓ World Class software with updated technology
  • ✓ Reliable and Completely Automated
  • ✓ Intelligent booking

Completely Automatic

GetMeTaxi App is completely Automatic and there is no need to give manual search or approval to assign drivers

Phenomenal Capacity

GetMeTaxi App has the capacity to handle 10000+ Taxis easily and it can also be installed in Cloud based hosting

While-Label Apps

GetMeTaxi is just a turn key solution for Taxi Dispatch solutions and user can simply purchase and use white label apps

Easy to Use

The App/website is completely easy to use and highly user friendly. You don't need any technical knowledge to use the app.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 customer support to customers via various platforms like Basecamp, Skype, Audio/Video Call, WhatsApp etc,..

Completely Customisable

The code is completely customisable and highly flexible. You can modify the software and add extra features to the software by customising it.

GetMeTaxi - DriverApp Features

Language Feature

Drivers can change their language according to their convenience.

Driver Profile

Driver can add and edit details from their end in their profile.

Customer Review/Ratings

Drivers can see customer review and ratings of their previous history of trips.

Daily Detailed Reports

Drivers can see the summary of their daily trips and daily income everyday.

Driver Referral

Drivers can refer their friends as new drivers and get their commission

Advanced Builtin Navigation

GetmeTaxi uses advanced built in Navigation system which shows drivers seamless navigation

Track the Payment

Driver can track the payment status after every update.

Quick Registration

​The registration is very simple and its a quick process. Drivers can directly upload their license and other documents instantly.

Online/Offline Availability

The drivers can easily mark their availability online/offline by simply changing the Online/Offline button

Accept/Reject Option

Any driver can Accept/Reject the request and a separate timeframe window will be given for the drivers to accept request

Rate the Rider

The driver can rate the rider after every ride and he can also give comments accordingly

Rider Contact Details

Rider contact details are immediately sent to the driver after accepting the ride so that he can easily contact the rider

History of Riders

Drivers can check the history of their rides by simply accessing the history section

Accept Mobile Payments

Drivers can go for cashless rides by simply accepting the cashless mobile payments


Driver app can be installed in both Android and iOS Apps. He can use the driver app in both platform with same login details.

Driver App Screenshots

Rider App Screenshots

GetMeTaxi - RiderApp Features

Rate card

Riders can check the ride pricing using the rate card present in the app

Ride History

Riders can also check the history of rides within the app. The complete ride history details will be available

Invite Friends

Customers can invite their friends and family members using the invite via Fb, G+ options

Schedule Ride

Riders can schedule the ride using this module and they don't need to wait until the time to make a booking

Social Sharing

Riders can share their profile or they can also share the ride in their social accounts easily.

Multi Language Option

​GetMeTaxi is used globally and we have included lots of languages to make it convenient for the users.

Edit Profile

Customers can edit their profile and change their phone number, Email id etc,..

Notification Via SMS

Automated notification will be sent after booking and also automated sms will be dispatched if the booking is cancelled.

Fare Estimates

Before confirming the booking an estimated fare will be displayed in the screen before clicking confirmation

Rate & Review Drivers

Users can rate the driver as well he can also leave a feedback to the driver so that it will be helpful for other riders

Share the Ride

Ride Sharing/Ride Pooling is integrated with the app, users can share their ride with other drivers

Check Driver Profile

Users can check driver profile before confirming the booking. If they feel unsafe with the reviews, user can cancel the ride immediately

Make Mobile Payments

Customers can make mobile payments easily with their integrated credit card/wallet money.

Estimated Time of Arrival

After the booking estimated time of arrival will be shown in the app and it will continuously change during the ride

SOS Button

SOS panic button is very important for solo female travellers and we have integrated this panic button in the app

Track the Driver

After the booking confirmation, user can track the driver's location using GPS and the location can be tracked till the end of the ride

Use Promo Codes

Promo code option is available in the app which can be used to get discounts/give discounts

Bookmark Location

Customers can mark the location as favorites so that they can easily use the same location for upcoming bookings

Client Testimonials

Recent enhancement in the car rental business in promoting the taxi revolutionary by the Uber clone scripts has changed the people perception in booking the taxi. The idea of the pooling service option in the application makes people ride with the affordable ride share. Definitely GetMeTaxi plays a major role in it.


The Taxi Dispatch Software developed by GetMeTaxi, diminishes the admin effort by providing the dashboard and easy to understand provides all the data in the format of the graphical representation including earning of every month. The best turn key solution for Taxi Owners.


I was searching for a Taxi dispatch system with affordable price for the development of my Taxi business. I just approached GetMeTaxi for Taxi Software. I got a very good experience from their team and support. The App was developed with user-friendly interface and reliable backend.

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